Electrostatic Countermeasures



Appropriate cleaning materials, starting with brushes, catch the target objects according to their purpose.

By turning conductive special fibers into brushes, even fine particles are caught using the power of electricity.

There is a lot of experience in capturing and cleaning particles less than 10μm, especially toner, with the power of static electricity.

Commonly Used Products

Electrostatic Countermeasures

Static Elimination

When the static elimination brush comes into contact with a charged object, the static electricity is removed through the brush due to the grounding effect, thus suppressing the static charge.

Our brush static elimination can remove static electricity without causing damage like regular discharge.

It has been especially widely adopted in office automation equipment.


Commonly Used Products

Functionality for Various Purposes

Gap Countermeasures


Flexible fibers follow the irregular shape of the target component and efficiently seal particles of 10μm or less.

Brush products are ideal for preventing gaps in moving parts as the fibers adapt to the counterpart.

In addition to sealing purposes, they can also be used to ensure cushioning.

Commonly Used Products


For Reducing Your Company’s Development Hours

Evaluation & Analysis


We provide services such as evaluation outsourcing, joint development, and design/development outsourcing.

The following services have been provided or are in progress:

Evaluation Outsourcing
・Durability evaluation and individual evaluation tool production for conductive transfer rollers
・Measurement of charge state change in medicinal wrapping paper

Joint Development
・Conductive transfer brush and transfer system
・Rechargeable conductive brush cleaner-less system
・Stable supply mechanism for powder and tablet packaging machines

Design Outsourcing
・Design of monochrome low-speed drum cartridge

Many Achievements in the OA Field

Unit Assembly Business

We have a wealth of experience and know-how in unit design and assembly.

We can handle assembly at two locations: domestic factories and Vietnam factories.

Especially in the Vietnam factory, all-in-one processing from shaft and flange manufacturing to assembly is possible.


Supporting a Variety of Products

Shaft Business


We are expanding in our Vietnam factory overseas.

In the Vietnam factory, all-in-one processing from shaft and flange manufacturing to unit assembly is possible.

Challenges as a Development-Oriented Company

New Technology & Services

“Endless Innovation” for manufacturing.

We are constantly continuing new challenges, not limited to the OA field, including new material development and processing technology.