TO Endless Innovation

We will create the market.

We will create the market.

Leading manufacturer of high-performance brushes

Determining the needs of the next generation without being influenced by the times

Toei Sangyo\'s Technology

・ Customized conductive fabrics
・ Resistance control of conductive fabrics and products
・ Development of original systems, equipment and processing technologies
・ Challenges in new fields

Since our founding, we have specialized in textiles, and our brush technology continues to evolve.

As a leading manufacturer of high-performance brushes
We develop high-functional brushes and pile products by taking advantage of the high surface area, sliding property, and flexibility of pile fabrics, and by adding customized conductive yarns and other functional fibers.
We also develop and commercialize new materials, develop unique systems, and design and assemble equipment to meet a wide range of customer needs and provide high added value.



Global Niche TOP

・Improve the world in global niche areas
・To win in niche areas of the global market and have multiple businesses that can aim for the TOP in terms of profitability, stability, and market share.
・To pursue a company that our employees can live with for the rest of their lives on a stable management foundation.


To Endless Innovation

・Leading company of functional brushes
・As a development-oriented company, we cultivate an eye for the future and the technical capabilities to respond to it.


・Accelerate profit growth and proposals by improving efficiency in core businesses
・Strengthen initiatives for "new growth themes" Strengthen initiatives for next-generation core businesses
・Human resource development through "strengthening of management foundation" Challenge, motivation

Product Information

We manufacture and sell a variety of brushes using high quality pile fabrics and innovative electrostatic flocking technology. Our brushes are the culmination of our textile technology and achieve the highest level of quality and performance in the industry. We have developed a product line with a wide range of applications and functions to meet the diverse needs of our customers, and we provide highly reliable brushes based on our many years of experience and technological expertise.