Our Philosophy & History

Leading Company in High-Performance Brushes

Creating the market ourselves. Anticipating the needs of the next generation without being swayed by the times. Toeisangyo, which pioneered the development of cleaning brushes from rabbit hair to chemical fibers in Japan for copier cleaning, embodies the concept of always looking ahead and cultivating the technical prowess to meet those demands. Since its foundation, the company has led the industry with brush technology in areas ranging from cleaning of information-related equipment to static elimination and transfer. This energy is characteristic of a development-oriented corporate attitude.

Presently, Toeisangyo is taking on the challenge of realizing high-performance devices applicable to various fields, not limited to electronic photography. As a leading company in high-performance brushes, we will continue to engage in innovative technology development.


  • 1971 Developed and began production and delivery of rayon cleaning brushes for electronic photography at Teramoto Pile Textiles Co., Ltd.
  • 1974 Established Toeisangyo Co., Ltd.
  • 1977 Opened Tokyo branch office.
  • 1985 Developed conductive rayon brushes and started mass production for bias cleaner.
  • 1990 Developed and started mass production of charged brushes.
  • 1991 Developed and started mass production of cleanerless ERS brushes and fixed brushes as charged brushes.
  • 1994 Developed and started mass production of transfer brushes.
  • 1995 Started full-automatic production line for charged brushes / Established joint venture in Thailand.
  • 1998 Established a unique management system for resistance value of conductive yarn, stabilizing resistance of conductive brushes.
  • 2001 Developed and utilized composite conductive yarn / Acquired ISO14001 certification.
  • 2002 Enhanced performance of charged brushes.
  • 2004 Established local corporations in Hong Kong and China.
  • 2007 Completed and moved into new headquarters and factory building.
  • 2009 Developed and started mass production of electrostatic-planted brushes.
  • 2014 Established local corporation in Vietnam.
  • 2018 Moved Tokyo branch office.
  • 2022 Closed Tokyo branch office and started operating satellite office.
  • 2023 Ltd. becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Asahi Orimono Co.

Environmental Philosophy

We recognize environmental issues as a common global challenge and fulfill our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen for the conservation of the global and local environment.

Environmental Basic Policy

Located in Keihanna Science City surrounded by rich natural environment, our company engages in the development, design, manufacturing, and sales of information equipment parts (cleaning brushes, charged brushes, transfer brushes, related unit products, etc.) using high-functional fibers that consider the environment. We make efforts for effective use of resources, innovation in process technology, reduction of environmental load, and progress and development of the information and communication society. We recognize environmental issues as a common global challenge and contribute to society by actively promoting environmental conservation activities, aiming to respond to a sustainable society, conservation of the Earth’s environment, regional environment, and biodiversity conservation.

Environmental Basic Policy

  1. We will continue to improve the environmental management system (EMS) based on ISO 14001.
  2. We will determine and comply with organizational compliance obligations for regulatory requirements and stakeholder demands.
  3. We will set environmental goals, promote activities, and periodically review them for continuous improvement.
    • Reduce waste.
    • Promote energy conservation (reduce CO2 emissions).
    • With a lifecycle perspective, develop processes and products that consider the environment.
  4. We will provide appropriate information and education and training to all employees to enhance environmental awareness.
  5. This policy will be disclosed in response to external requests.

August 1, 2018

Toeisangyo Co., Ltd.

Representative Director President

Hideyuki Teramoto


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